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Direct Admission In Physiotherapy Colleges In Nashik

Get 100% Sure Direct Admission In Physiotherapy Colleges In Nashik Through Management Quota or NRI Seats Booking, Physiotherapy means physio therapeutic system of medicine which includes examination, treatment advice and instructions to any person in connection with movement, dysfunction, bodily malfunction, physical disorder, disability, healing and pain from trauma and disease. The physiotherapists skill are required by the health care team in most disciplines of medicine including surgery, neurology, orthopedics, gynecology, obstetrics, dermatology, ENT, cardiothoracic, vascular surgery, pediatrics, rehabilitation and sports medicine, etc.

Bachelor of Physiotherapy : BPT Course

Physiotherapy is a medical science area for giving treatment to the patients who are threatened by injury, disease etc. Bachelor of Physiotherapy is an Under Graduate Degree awarded for a program in Physiotherapy. B.P.T is an abridged form of Bachelor of Physiotherapy. The program lasts for 4½ years. There is an internship in the B.P.T program with duration of 6 months. Physical Therapy Programs provide center skills such as manual therapy and therapeutic practice to the potential candidates. Many recognized institutes in India are offering the Bachelor of Physiotherapy program.

Master of Physiotherapy : MPT Course

Master of Physiotherapy is a Post Graduate Degree awarded for a program or course in the area of Physical Therapy, known as Physiotherapy. Abbreviated form for the Master of Physiotherapy is MPT or M.P.T. Some of the Institutes abbreviate it as ‘M.P.Th’. 2 years is the duration for this course. This program provides practical knowledge experience which enables skills, knowledge and the behavior which is required for an expert physiotherapist. The curriculum is designed in such a way that the students should develop the critical thinking ability for which case studies and clinical practices are mainly concentrated.

Eligibility Criteria

BPT : For pursuing the B.P.T program, the candidates need to clear the 12th standard. They should have obtained at least 50% of marks in Biology, Physics and Chemistry including practical. Aspirants must have passed each subject separately. A Common Entrance Test (CET) is carried out for selecting the aspirants. The CET score is considered for the admission process to the course. The applicants must have reached at least a minimum 17 years of age for applying the B.P.T program.

MPT : 50% marks for BPT with 6 months internship is the eligibility for Master of Physiotherapy course. Also there is an entrance test, which is also to be cleared to get the admission.

Advantages or Benefits

  • A Physiotherapist can go for documentation in a sub-specialty of Physiotherapy. Some of the specialty areas are like sports therapy, pediatric, electro physiological physical therapy etc.
  • After finishing the B.P.T program one can go for advanced education like Master of Physical Therapy.
  • The aspirant who has attained the B.P.T degree can start his or her own Clinic in Physiotherapy.
  • MTP enables one person to study a lot of skills in treating patients and gain more confidence in the process.
  • Getting a master degree in one’s chosen field of interest increases the employment opportunities
  • Master of Physiotherapy is an advanced program where one person learns to pick one of the very challenging positions like clinician, teacher, consultant and researcher

List of Physiotherapy Colleges In Nashik

  • M V P S. College of Physiotherapy, Nasik

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