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Direct Admission In Bachelor of Optometry Course In Nagpur

Now Get 100% Sure Direct Admission In B. Opto or Bachelor of Optometry Course In Nagpur Through Management Quota or NRI Seats, Bachelor of Optometry or B. Optometry is of 4 year duration. The first 3 years teaching is followed by one year of internship for clinical and trade experience. This is a study of human eyes and matters related to its nature and eyesight problems. The program aims at imparting skills and knowledge in the correction of refractive conditions of the eye and prescription of glasses, in designing and fitting contact lenses, aniseikonic lenses and low vision aids, in the diagnosis and orthopedic treatment of oculomotor malfunctions, in public health optometry–education on ocular hygiene and related nutritional and environmental counseling and in the visual rehabilitation and follow-up of low vision patients.

Duration : 4 Years (3+1 Years),

Course Type : Graduation

Bachelor of Optometry Eligibility

  • Higher Secondary Examination (10+2 course) or its equivalent with minimum 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology OR Mathematics and English.
  • The candidate should be over 17 yr. of age as on 31st Dec. of the year of the admission.

Advantages of Course

  1.  Estimate refractive errors of the eye and prescribe corrective measures including     Spectacles, Contact Lenses, Low Vision Aids and Vision Therapy.
  2. Detect pathological conditions of the Visual system, which are deviations from normal. Diagnose ocular and related systemic and neurological diseases and refer the cases to other medical professionals for detailed medical and surgical management.
  3. Design, manufacture, prescribe and fit all kinds of Optical aids including Spectacles, Sunglasses, Ophthalmic lenses, Contact Lenses, Low Vision aids.
  4. Examine, diagnose and prescribe treatment for Oculo-motility malfunctions like phorias, tropias and other types of strabismus (squint) and Neuro-muscular anomalies.
  5. Undertake Public Health Optometry projects and vision screening eye camps in schools, colleges, urban slums, rural areas and also practice occupational Optometry in industries.
  6. Public education on ocular hygiene and related nutritional and environmental counseling.
  7. Offer a helping hand and or efficiently manage and successfully run any Ophthalmic clinic, Eye department in hospitals, Optician shops, Optical, Ophthalmic industry & trade.

List of Optometry Colleges In Nagpur

  • ADN Institute of Paramedical Science and Hospital, Nagpur

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